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Joshua A. Ipkovich

I'm a Greater New York Area based Software Engineer, currently working at General Motors building Spring based microservice solutions with the OnStar Team

My passion for Autocross and Motorsports, is only second to my love for Technology, Finance, and Cryptography.


About me


  • Location:Atlanta, Georgia
  • Age:24
  • Degree:BS in Computer Science
  • Interests:Technology, Finance, Investing
  • Study:University of Rhode Island
  • Employment:General Motors


BS in Computer Science

University of Rhode IslandDecember 2021

I took a variety of CS classes inculding Secure Programming, Software Engineering, and Bioinformatics.


Software Engineer

General MotorsApril 2022 - Present

OnStar Orders and Offers developer, creating full-stack web applications by developing and refactoring ReactJS frontend components paired with a Java/Spring backend. Close collaboration with business operations. Other related skills Azure DevOps, GIT, Maven/Spring, Typescript.

Web Development internship

Hodges Badges Company Inc.June 2021 - August 2021

Worked with the marketing team to develop tools for streamlining financial analytics, including managing the selection/creation, integration, and deployment of online tools. Managed different roles in the development of a fully redesigned company website which included custom features and designs. Related skills/languages: Python, HTML, CSS/Javascript, and Excel/Sheets.

Software Development Internship

IBMJune 2019 - December 2019

Created and deployed software for IBM's global sales incentives team. This included working on IBM’s proprietary multi-dimensional database management system. Developing software for IBM’s business performance management tool and planning analytics tool. Related languages included XML, HTML, Python, and CSS/JavaScript.


Programming languages
Frontend development
Backend development
Oracle DB

Currently working on a great project that uses the robin_stocks API and queries some data to help with intelligent investment strategies and an update on the status of my current positions. Ive always enjoyed personal projects that dont get lost after completion and can always be used and upgraded.

An ongoing interest ive had is the programming of vehicle ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and ECMs (Electronic Control Modules), the brains of any vehicle. A lot of these modules are run using some version of MISRA C or low-level programming language. Using software that allows one to access this level of the vehicle code such as VCDS can make for some fun personal projects.

The next project I want to take on is one that involves some form of cryptography or cyber security. This is a topic of the computer science field that has always fascinated me and is one that is integral to every faction of our technological world.

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